Welcome. Everything I write here is in-character as a cynical, self-absorbed anime elitist. Here I try to take some of the most pretentious, unpopular or outright idiotic opinions and attempt to make as close to a rational argument for them possible in the most hack fraud ways I can. I am also working on making a lot of these posts YouTube videos, so just look up “Daymaster” on YouTube and subscribe there if you are 2lazy2read.


TheAnimeElitist was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. A man with great talent in whatever he set his mind to but no motivation to actually use it, he did very little with his youth. Mainly, he just did what he enjoyed without doing much work. He played a lot of Nintendo games that required concentration but not thought, he watched YouTube videos about the games he enjoyed and he read books about fantasy and worlds that could never be. For years he faded in and out of certain tendancies and hobbies, such as being kind to people in general, playing piano and running. He never once considered doing anything for any reason other than himself enjoying it, and this resulted in him being alone for the majority of his childhood.

He had had a friend at one point, in the form of another just like him named Jackson Selina. They spent a lot of time together in first through third grade, talking about whatever random hobby had currently peaked their interest as well as help each other stay ahead of the curve in school through theorycrafting basic mathematical functions they had not been taught and pointing out logical fallacies to be avoided when talking about things among eachother. Jackson was Elitist’s best friend and the only person that he ever actually felt human connection with. Then Jackson moved to Florida and was never able to talk to Elitist again.

Elitist never cared about his family at all. In his eyes, he really only needed them to provide for him while he couldn’t. He was never able to understand a parent’s universal, unending love for a child or vice versa, and found no value in his parent’s lives or personalities. The most influence they had over his life was when they tried to keep his grades on track in school, which was one of the only things that Elitist and his parents both valued. Most of the time, he actively attempted to avoid interaction with others because he had no reason for it and the amount of work it was to keep up a conversation about something that didn’t impact him at all was far to great to justify the reward of friendship.

After Jackson moved away and Elitist had found that both his siblings and parents were nothing more than extra work to keep active conversations with. He didn’t care, though. The idea of not having friends never bothered him. He had games and books to make him feel as if he knew characters and he had the internet to provide as much entertainment in his free time as he could possibly ask for. He never tried to make friends, he just continued doing as much as his inherit low-motivation in school would allow him to and keep to himself.

Naturally, he eventually discovered the world of anime through YouTubers like Film Theory and wanted to know more. The kinds of dramatic stories that these shows seemingly told based solely on what he had heard from MatPat were in the same vain as those in some of his favorite games; The one thing that Final Fantasy X, Tales of Symphonia, Xenoblade and Naruto all had in common were their gigantic worlds with hours of lore and action that was deserving of it’s own complexity. To him, there was nothing more gratifying than being able to understand these complex worlds and exactly what was going on in them, and at the time that was manifested in his interest in absurdly convoluted plotlines.

Eventually he discovered anime analysis and feel in love with reviewers like Glass Reflection and Gigguck for their content that revolved specifially around what he believed, or at least most of the time. The most important aspect of him enjoying their videos, beyond them agreeing with his opinions on everything, was that they were able to successfully give him a reason to actually think about the media he was comsuming and why he liked it. They were his first introduction into the concept of taste and it’s effects on enjoyment of a show, all be them incredibly limited looks into this idea.

Throughout this time, he never really interacted with anyone else in the real world at all if he could avoid it. In school he answered questions when he was asked them and did fairly well on everything asigned to him,