NOTE: In the name of actually getting good at writing, I’m going to be posting everything that I write on here from now on, regardless of length or my view of the quality. If I can become the next GhostLightning, this is how it’s going to happen. My readerbase is literally one person right now and thus no one will care about this, but whatever.

Welcome. Everything I write here is in-character as a cynical, self-absorbed anime elitist. Here I try to take some of the most pretentious, unpopular or outright idiotic opinions and attempt to make as close to a rational argument for them possible in the most hack fraud ways I can. The character is realistic and does have actual feelings, and occasionally makes actual explorations of said feelings, but he is still a character and not an accurate reflection of myself. Anything that he discusses, be it genuine or not, is not reflective of my (Damon’s) actual opinions.

I am also working on making a lot of these posts YouTube videos, so just look up “Daymaster” on YouTube and subscribe there if you are 2lazy2read.