So as of yesterday at the time of this script’s writing, Digibro finally made a move that I feel like the anime community desperately needed in order to evolve from it’s current state: He called out basically every prominent member of the analysis division that wasn’t a part of the ProCrastinators and talked about everything that he feels that they do wrong in their creation of anime analysis. His argument was all over the place in it’s quality, ranging from personal and self-absorbed to legitimate critisism. But the actual arguments that he made here were not the important part of the video; Rather, the video has caused members of the anime community to come out and have what is ultimately going to boil down to a civil war in the community regarding how analytical content should be approached. This is, in my eyes, the start of a revolution and eventually a new era in the anime community on YouTube. Allow me to explain why.

At the moment, the anime community has grown stagnant. Yes, there are several new voices growing quickly in the analysis division, such as Super Eyepatch Wolf and The Pedantic Romantic, but it’s all more of the same. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as more perspectives on why people are able to enjoy shows and what they do to make people like shows in general, but if you really stop to think about it, that’s nearly all there is at the moment. We have Digibro, GlassReflection, Giguk, UnderTheScope Reviews, Super Eyepatch Wolf, GoatJesus, sudoStef, Mother’s Basement and The Pedantic Romantic, just to name a few. On the flip side, there are only three primarily non-satirical anime-focused channels that come to mind that don’t near-exclusively do analysis, those being TheAnimeMan and DuoReview and all of the CinemaSins parody channels. This makes the anime community really inaccessable to people who simply want to enjoy shows as opposed to figuring out why they enjoy them, as their options in YouTube content in doing so are incredibly limited. There are only so many who want to know about why worldbuilding is all in the details or how mainstream anime is directed.

And it’s not like there isn’t a market for these kind of videos. The Anime Man recently hit a million subscribers, and some of the more popular videos on all of the analysis channels are the ones regarding very general topics that anyone can tap into, such as the definition of anime or a list of concepts the creator would like to see an anime made about. These videos have appeal outside of the main crowd typically attracted to analysis because they are less specific and are more entertaining to the average viewer. Often times, since these videos aren’t about a particular show, the viewer doesn’t even need to know anything about a particular show to understand the full picture of what is being discussed.

But because of Digibro finally deciding to explain everything he sees wrong with the analysis community, this could actually begin a series of events that will lead to a much more diverse community filled with lots of unique content not related to analysis at all. This is for a few major reasons. Firstly, it’s getting people thinking critically not just about the shows that are being analyzed in these videos but the analysis videos themselves. You, right now, watching this video, probably have a distinct taste in critics. But until Digibro made his video, did you ever really think about why? Well, now that Digibro has made his video explaining why, many others are going to start following his lead. We all had a point in our lives where we just watched whatever shows we wanted to without ever thinking about them critically. It’s how so many of us were able to fully enjoy the Dragon Ball Zs and the Pokemons and, more recently, the Bakugans and the Beyblades. But when we started reading articles and watching videos critically examining shows, we started recognizing flaws in them. This lead to us eventually being able to us hating terrible shows for their flaws and loving great shows even more for everything they do right. I feel like this could cause the same thing to happen with analysis videos. Those who don’t particularly enjoy depth but like the overall topics discussed in anime analysis can watch people like Glass Reflection and feel like they are getting what they want. People who want hyper in-depth looks at shows can watch people like Dig and get what they want. People will start realizing that it is okay to criticize eachother the same way it’s okay to criticize, and people will begin growing to be the best creators they can be. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it will drive those who, if they started now would end up being just another analysis channel, to create more expressive videos that match what they are trying to get across, be that comedy, satire or even a complex narrative like that found in The Saga of the Endless One/Horseshoe Review series. Since everyone will start realizing what people look for in analysis, those who decide they don’t have what it takes to be an analyst or simply don’t want to can go on and create something within the anime community that is truly theirs. This will allow more people who don’t like watching analysis of shows to feel comfortable in the community as well, as there will be more options for content creation for them to choose from. This may cause more people to want to make anime videos now that they see that it isn’t all analysis, and the cycle repeats itself. Once again, a win-win for everyone involved.

This may seem like a far-fetched idea on paper, though. The huge number of things that could go wrong, such as the community being consumed by drama and hate, like the stereotypical version of competitive gaming community, or people not liking the new styles of content that this would produce. But the thing is, this has already happened before and developed exactly as I have described here. Let me introduce you to the ProCrastinators: Best Guy Ever, Ben Saint, Digibro, Endless Jess, Hippocrit, Lethal Aurora Mage, Rebel Pixels, TheDavoo, Munchy and Mumkey Jones. This is a group of close friends who each run their own YouTube channels with content mainly pertaining to cartoons/anime or video games. But get this: Not all of them are analysis channels, and none of them are reaction or gameplay channels.

This group is characterized by their complete honesty with each other, their acceptance of constructive criticism and their goal to become the best they can be while making a living through content creation on YouTube. All of them have created their own videos with their own different styles, most of which are not to be found elsewhere on YouTube. Best Guy Ever has created his fair share of standard analytical videos, but at the same time has also made several creative and fun works like “Kingdom Hearts 101 – PCP University Lecture.” Hippocrit creates some of the funniest longform “reviews” that still stay true to the concept of analysis since the Mr. Plinket Phantom Menace series. Mumkey Jones has made an incredibly hilarious anime satire/comedy series known as Mumkey’s Anime Reviews. Endless Jess has created many works, ranging from “Watcha Gonna Do…” to the aforementioned masterpiece of masterpieces, “Saga of the Endless One,” to the entirety of the MyJapaneseAnimes channel. All of the creators have been at least mildly successful, and all are constantly learning from and improving through discussion with each other. The ProCrastinators are a sample of what anime on YouTube has the potential to be if it evolves the way that Digibro, a member of this group, is trying to force it to. In spite of all the drama it has caused, I honestly believe that nothing but good will ultimately come from Digibro calliing out the entire anime community, and I hope everyone else feels the same way.


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